Introduction of Board Members

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       Nosratollah Nourbakhsh

Educational background: graduated in 1975from Florence university majoring Architecture in Ph.D. level
Work Experience
    Consulting engineers of Tarh-o-Taavon Co.. Since 2000 so far. As a shareholder, member of the managing board, head of architect department
         Design and managing various architectural projects, improvement, observation of the work and … based on Tarho-o-Taavon resume
    Banabon construction firm: since 1997till 2000as shareholder and board member
      Cooperation to construct of 160 beds hospital in Ardebil
     Client: Khaneh Sazi Co
-         Site supervisor and administrant of residential units rehabilitation, located at Africa Blvd., Tehran, in 1998
       Client: private section
    Ajhand Pey Bandar construction firm
       Since 1993till 1996as cooperator and projects manager
        Construction of Iran insurance central building, for a year and a half
        Client: Iran Insurance Company
       Infrustructure construction operation and equipping of Sorbitol Pharmaceutical complex for 18 months, in Tiran, Isfahan
       Client: Shahid Moddares pharmaceutical complex
        Client: Educators Cooperative Co
-         Design of accommodation and lodge complex for Tourism Organization, for 9 months in Abbasabad historic park, Behshahr
         Client: Iran Travel and Tourism organization
    Payest Engineering Consultant: since 1990till 1993as shareholder, board member and designer of projects as bollows
-         Design of rebuilding project related to outbuildings of holy shrines in Broojen, Karaj, Hesarak and Yazd, for 1 year
         Client: Endowment organization
        Designer of improvement project, Semnan office park for 5 months
         Client: Semnan Headquarters of Housing and Urban Development
-         Design and improvement of 180 hectare amusement and tourism center for 4 months in Semnan
-         Client: Community of Semnanian Habitant
-         Design of administration building for Hamedan Headquarters of housing and urban development, for one year
         Client: Hamedan Headquarters of housing and urban development
       Design project of Glass factory, Lia Qazvin for 4 years
         Client: Lia Glass factory
    Avers Consultant Engineers: Since 1985till 1990as shareholder, board member and designer of projects
      Design of cinema building and Qorveh municipality, located at Kurdistan province for 1 year
        Client: Qorve Municipality
         Design of 450 hectare lands of valley improvement, Mirabad, ShahreKurd, for a year and a half
      Client: Chahar Mahal-o- Bakhtiyari Headquarters of housing and urban development  
        Design of 150 hectare lands improvement at Mazdaqine, Hamedan, for one year
         Client: Hamedan Province Headquarters of housing and urban development
         Design of 150 hectare lands improvement, Saidye Hamedan for 6 months
     Client: Hamedan Province Headquarters of housing and urban development
         Desing of Zahedan Police Headquarters construction projects for 9 months
         Client: Police Headquarters of Zahedan
       Design and supervising 50 units residential apartment for the Personnel of Oil Industry Cooperative Company, located at Saddeqiye, Tehran, for 2 years
        Client: Personnel of Oil Industry Cooperative Company
    Atava Consultant Engineers Co.: Since 1983till 1985as cooperator in
         Design the Khazar Tile factory located at Gilan for 6 months
         Client: Khazar Tile Factory
       Design of Znjan Choob match factory located at Zanjan, for 5 months
        Client: Zanjan Choob Match Factory
        Design of Sepidan Match Factory located at Fars Province for 5 months
         Client: Sepidan Match Factory
     Design the project of 600 residential units of fighter pilots (Pardisan Complex), located at Shahrake Qods, Tehran, for a year and a half
    Client: Islamic Republic of Iran Ministry of Petroleum
    Artiman Consultant Engineers Co.: Since 1982till 1983as cooperator in
    Design of Gas Kangan projects; Departments of administration, religious, residential complex, located at Bushehr province, for one year
         Client: Ports and Marin Transportation Organization
8Milak Construction Company: Since 1981till 1982as shareholder, board member and site supervisor
      Construction of Shahid Rajayi 63 kilo watt ht voltage station project, for a year and a half, in Bandar Abbas
         Client: Ports and Marin Transportation Organization
    Khaneh Sazi Co.: Since 1976-1980 as projects manager  in
-         Supervising the project of Moghan Agro-Industry residential complex, located at Moghan Plain for 2 years
         Client: Moghan Agro-Industry Co
-         Supervising the project of Refah Karegaran Bank residentioanl units in Isfahan and Tabriz, for one year
      Client: Refah Karagaran Bank
        Supervising Isfahan Health Army for 2 years
         Client: Ministry of Health and Medical Education
                       Other Activities
        Teaching in architecture faculty in Azad University since 2010so far
Administration of 20 units residential apartment for private section in Saadat Abad, Tehran, since 1996till 1997
-         Design and supervising the construction of Sajjad office and trade center, located at Molavi Street, Tehran, since 1995till 1998
         Client: Private section
         Design of outbuildings of Saghand Exploration Complex in Yazd, since 1996till 1997
         Client: Atomic Energy Organization of Iran
-         Design of steps 1 and 2 industrial, office and services units of Noghreh Nakh Textile Factory, since 1997till 1998
        Client: private section
         Design of 16 units complex for private section in Kamraniyeh, Tehran, in 1999
        Client: Private section
        Design of steps 1 and 2, Hakim Omar Khayyam major planetarium dome in Neyshabur, in 1999
Client: Neyshabur Board of Trustees
-         Design of sports and cultural complex of the Executive Headquarters of Imam Khomeini Directive and Supervising of its construction in Tehran, since 1999 till 2000
      Client: Executive Headquarters of Imam Khomeini Directive
        Design of steps 1 and 2, Tehran Kian Hotel, since1999 till 2000
         Client: Steel Industry Employees Pension Fund
-         Design and supervising the “Executive Headquarters of Imam Khomeini Directive”, multi-purpose gym salon, in 2000
         Design and supervising the trade, residential villas for private section in Tehran, Shiraz, Qeshm, Hamedan, North region and Kish, since 1976so far

        Saeed Fayazzadeh

Educational Experience: Graduated in 1984from Khaje Nasire Toosi Industrial University majoring Civil Engineering in BS. Level
Tarh-o-Taavon Consultant Engineers Co.: Since 1989 so far, as shareholder, chairman, managing director, board member and project manager in different periods, participator and administrator of implementation in process projects according with the current list in Tarh-o-Taavon resume
-  Headquarters of Iran railway development (Ministry of road and transportation): since 1985till 1989, cooperation as structural engineer of bridge and building in connection with providing of calculations, drawings, concrete and metal bridges also calculations and drawing control for contract party of consultant engineers
  Avers Consultant Engineers Co.: cooperation for structure section of company as structural engineer, for the project of Gilarenko Chemical Factory and calculations of Zahedan police
 Daveh Company: Since 1982 till 1984

1-  Varagh Construction and Utility Company: since 1979till 1982as site manager for the development of water supply networks in Kangavar, Kermanshah province and after that, site management of the country’s west gendarmerie, construction of big logistic warehouse project

2-  General Mechanic Company: since 1976 till 1979(while studying at university) and cooperator in technical bureau and providing final measurement

        Bijan Masoudi

Educational background: Graduated in 1984 from Industrial University of Khaje Nasire Toosi University, majoring civil engineer in Bachelor of Science level

Work experience

      Consultant engineers of Tarh-o-Taavon Co.: Since 1988 so far, as shareholder, board member and manager of technical structure, civil, civil design and observation office of various projects (the description has being mentioned in CV)

      Cooperator of structure and natural consultant of Mr. Hamid Nouhi (civil engineer) on Hamedan Amphitheatre project

        Client: Governor of Hamedan

      Consultant Engineers of Pajhooheshhay Sakhtemani Co.: (contractual cooperation), civil and construction cooperator to design grade 1 and 2 stations of Bafgh – Bandar Abbas railways, (11 stations)

        Client: Islamic Republic of Iran Railway

      Parsaz Consulting Engineers Co. : (contractual cooperation) and construction and civil cooperator of landscaping project for Mobarakeh – Hoze Mahi Steel Limestone Plant, located at Isfahan

     Client: Ministry of Mines and Metals      Sharmand Consultant Engineers Co.: (contractual cooperation) and part time, in the construction and civil sector for below projects

        Design of land improvement and urban development in Shahmirzad, Semnan Province, in an area of 40 hectare. (Shahmirzad project)

        Client: Semnan Headquarters of housing and urban development

       Design of Land improvement and urban development in an area of 156 hectare (Aliabad, Zanjan project)

        Client: Zanjan Headquarters of housing and urban development

      Avers Consultant Engineers Co.: Since 1986 till 1988 as head of technical office, consultant to design structure and civil projects as bellows

-        Land improvement and urban development project in Chahar Mahal o Bakhtiyari province (Shahre Kurd) in an area of 450 hectare.(Mirabad project)

        Client: Headquarters of housing and Urban Development of Chahar Mahalo Bakhtiyari

       Land improvement and urban development project in Hamedan Province, (Hamedan city) in an area of 60 hectare (Sadiye Project)

       Client: Headquarters of housing and Urban Development of Hamedan

-        Land improvement and urban development of Hamedan Province (Hamedan city), in an area of 150 hectare, (Mazdaqineh Project)

        Client: Headquarters of Housing and Urban Development of Hamedan

      Sameron Construction Co.: since 1984 till 1986 as shareholder, managing director and site manager of marine transportation office building in executive architecture project, located at Bandar Abbas

      Client: Islamic Republic of Iran, Ports and Marine Transportation Organization

      Daveh Construction Co.: since 1982 till 1984 as part time technical officer of Tehran in executive project of building complex of Birjand Tarbiyat Dabir university and 100 residential units in Khormoj, Bushehr

       Client: Iran Ministry of Science and Higher Education

      Se Mes Construction Co.: since 1981 till 1983 as shareholder and site manager of 120 residential units project for Tehran cooperative housing of Tolidaroo and Kianshahr Deaf School, Tehran.

        Client: Headquarters of Housing and Urban Development

    Mandala Consultant Engineers Co.: since 1976 till 1978 as Civil Technician of landscaping section, BuAli Sina University project, Hamedan

       Client: Ministry of Science and Higher Education

   Membership in associations

        Structural Engineers Association

        Civil Engineers Association

        Building Engineers association